School Programs

Core Curriculum:

Preschool / Kindergarten

Children as active learners are given opportunities of learning in various stimulating and engaging activities which are appropriate to children’s age, learning abilities, and level of development. Furthermore, to get the best possible learning outcomes, Kinderfield designs the curriculum and program based on the whole children’s development covering physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and language.  
The core curriculum in Preschool / Kindergarten levels are:

	A. Language
	B. Mathematics
	C. Art Exploration
	D. Physical Education
	E. Computer	
	F. Montessori



Kinderfield puts high standard of education for students to success in Primary years. Our program is focusing
on the student’s profile as an independent learner, critical thinker, communicator, and caring person. These
profiles always integrated with the Primary core curriculum.

The core curriculum in Primary level divided into 3 parts namely:

	A. International Curriculum, consist of:
		* English
		* Mathematics
		* Science (P3 – P6)
		* Mandarin
	B. National Curriculum, consist of:
		* Bahasa Indonesia
		* Agama
	C. Kinderfield Curriculum, consist of:
		* Social Studies
		* Science (P1 – P2)
		* Computer
		* Physical Education
		* Music and Art
		* PBL Project
		* Personal Development


Thinking Behavior:

Kinderfield is developing the thinking behavior which is making into a habit of solving problems, understanding other people’s perspective, and making wise decision that will lead to a responsible person.
The Inquiry Based Learning in Preschool Kindergarten level, the Problem Based Learning in Primary level, and Project Based Learning in Secondary level are approaches that we apply to our students in achieving the thinking behavior of a responsible to life person.

  • Inquiry Based Learning (IBL):
    IBL is essentially children-centered with an emphasis on group work and use of library, web, and other information resources. The focus of IBL are stimulating children’s curiosity, helping children to be inquirer, and learning to question subjects that matter to them. Through IBL children reach a point where they are not simply investigating questions posed by others, but can formulate their own research topics and convert that research onto useful knowledge. Children are developing their critical thinking and exposed with the habit of doing critical reflection. Excellent topic is planned to support the learning process and achieve the objective of learning.
  • Problem Based Learning (PBL):
    Through PBL children will learn to identify fact, make hypothesis or do some reasoning, be competent in doing research, and finally they are able to solve problem. Varieties of study case concerning on the individual, family, and environmental problem will be exposed to broaden their knowledge and build their thinking habit. Children will engage in group discussion to speak up their ideas and work in cooperation with other children to reach the final conclusion. By the end of the term, each group should conduct presentation in front of the class. Children are required to use digital technology during the PBL session.


Student Development:

Kinderfield School aims high for the students to achieve the whole development of a responsible-to-life person. We prepare students with high standard of academic curriculum to equip them with critical thinking and problem solving skills of an individual who love learning and show caring to others; moreover, their characters are nurtured through our student development program.

	* Character Behavior
	* Behavior Awareness
	* Leadership


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