Bandung Center

We are ready to hold parents’ trust to educate children to become a ‘responsible-to-life’ generation.

Our school vision is ’to be a leading school that provides quality education and learning environment in shaping a responsible-to-life generation’.

Our school mission:

  • To provide quality education

  • To provide innovative programs and curriculum for preschool to primary school age children

  • To shape the children to be independent and lifelong learners

  • To build communicative, critical thinkers and caring individuals

  • To educate the children to become quality future leaders


We believe our school’s vision, mission, frame work of core curriculum, student’s development, thinking behavior, and talent program will develop unique children in their intellectual, emotional, and social skill aspects to become ‘responsible-to-life’ generation.

Ms. Fedya
Kinderfield Bandung Principal

head office

Jl. Prof. DR. Soepomo No.11A Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia. 12810

phone: (+62 21) 830 3209 / 9828 4968

fax: (+62 21) 8378 5529

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