Cibubur Center

Welcome to Kinderfield School Cibubur!

Kinderfield school focuses on building students’ creative thinking and problem solving skills. Through our rich curriculum and various learning activities, we also encourage students to stimulate, sharpen, and use their creativities to be a resourceful and competent young generation who is responsible to life.

In addition, to support our program of developing students’ characters, we organize annual events and activities, such as Charity Day and Field Trip and encourage students to join as many competitions as possible like dancing, choir and drawing competitions to boost their confidence and improve their skills.

Kinderfield school is the place to be for your children’s education. Feel free to contact us for further information. We will gladly response to your inquiries. 

With warmest regards,

Ms. Dwita Avianti
Kinderfield Cibubur Principal

head office

Jl. Prof. DR. Soepomo No.11A Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia. 12810

phone: (+62 21) 830 3209 / 9828 4968

fax: (+62 21) 8378 5529

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