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Ms. Intani Prajaswari - Kinderfield Cirebon Principal

I am honored and feel privileged to be the principal of Kinderfield School Cirebon. It has been my fantastic fourth year now, since I become the principal. I am always excited and I look forward to working with our amazing students, dedicated, care, passionate, and highly skillful teachers and staff, and let us not forget the very supportive and involved parents without whom this experience would not happen.

For the coming School Year, we are delighted to inform you that now we have two campuses for our school, which are located at Jalan Kapten Samadikun No. 33 and Jl. Ciremai (Pamitran) No. 33. Both campuses are still in the same district of Kecamatan Kejaksan, Cirebon.

We offer Baby and Toddler Classes, Preschool, and Kindergarten in Pamitran Campus. While Primary School remains in Samadikun Campus.

We provide excellent facilities in both campuses to ensure that our students achieve the very best platform to build up a set of continuous and independent learners, which in turn, they will have the strength of character and resilience to be responsible to their lives.

I believe that a good school is strongly led by many. For that, our vision and mission, school’s philosophy of love, passionate, and enthusiastic teachers and staff, and most importantly as I mentioned earlier, the trust from the parents through partnership, we will continue enhancing and strengthening the success of our goal to make Kinderfield School Cirebon the best school (now and in the future) it can be.


Warmest regards,

Ms. Intani Prajaswari, S.IP
Kinderfield Cirebon Principal


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Jl. Prof. DR. Soepomo No.11A Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia. 12810

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