Music For Education Workshop

Music For Education Workshop, Oct 3rd, 2106, at Kinderfield – Highfield School Duren Sawit

On October 3rd, 2016, Preschool – Kindergarten Program Development Department of Kinderfield School presented Music For Education Workshop as teachers enrichment program. Approximately 150 teachers from all Kinderfield centers participated in the workshop held at Kinderfield – Highfield School Duren Sawit. The main speakers were Karina Adistiana and Ribut Cahyono along with other six volunteers, most of which are musicians – Deta Ratna Kristanti, Petrus Briyanto Adi, Rull Darwis, Dima Miranda, Bonita Adi, Gabriel Mayo – who cared deeply for children’s development, especially children’s songs and music.

In the first session, Karina made it clear how important the role of adults surrounding children were in introducing proper and educating children’s songs for their growth and development. Fundamentally, simple, positive, age-appropriate and entertaining music exists to serve as an effective communication, educating, and parenting tool to improve the quality of children’s general well-being. To be specific, music can be utilized to build characters, develop creativity, and increase the quality of attachment.

After Karina and her friends gave some examples through musical performances, teachers are given opportunities to explore their creative senses to create straightforward and fun songs about good characters, such as honesty, confidence, discipline, politeness, dependable, and awareness, which are aligned with Kinderfield School’s Responsible-to-Life Profiles. In groups, they discussed the lyrics and the tones with help from the musicians. Surprisingly, the process in creating the songs from scratch went effortless and in the end teachers successfully performed 23 brand new children’s songs which would be shared among centers and passed along to children. Overall, the workshop was fruitful and let’s all hope more positive children’s songs are made to help children grow and develop better.           

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