Philosophy Of The Logo

Logo Kinderfield
Shield :
Symbolises strong protection from the school toward students’ well being and it is the school’s intention to prepare the students to become quality future leaders.

Gold check point ribbon at the bottom of the shield :
Symbolises the right choice toward life achievements that will continue to grow and keep the life in balance.

Phoenix (multicolored fire bird resembling an eagle) :
Symbolises the characteristics of a brilliant/inspiring person, an optimist decision maker, a confident person with graceful appearance who is an enthusiast and always has a bright spirit in life. Moreover, the phoenix also reflects a responsible and independent individual who is accountable to others. The sharp eyes represent observational and analytical traits of one who owns the freedom to express his idea and is aiming for tremendous dream.

Praesto Presto Vita:
It is the Latin words for “Responsible to Life” which represents one who is accountable and capable to make rational and moral decisions in his life, one who is able to be trusted and to make meaningful contribution to others. The school takes a role as a place to provide skills for learning and to teach value of life in shaping up a whole human being who corresponds well to the globalised era.

head office

Jl. Prof. DR. Soepomo No.11A Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia. 12810

phone: (+62 21) 830 3209 / 9828 4968

fax: (+62 21) 8378 5529

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