Responsible To Life

Our school is committed in providing quality education and learning environment in shaping a responsible-to-life generation. In this modern era, school is no longer the only source of learning. In fact, students now can get vast information and knowledge through cyber technology. This also shifts the function of teacher, they are not only become the source of knowledge, but teachers must also prepare students with skills for learning and values of life as a whole human being. Responsible-to-life culture is an important element to be planted and become the fundamental character that we want to cultivate within our students and eventually within our staffs, managements, and all persons who are parts of Kinderfield family as well.

Kinderfield School nurtures every student to be someone who is responsible to his life. One who will be a life-long and independent learner that exhibits leadership qualities. In the future, our students will be globally attuned and are able to make meaningful contributions to the nations and society.

To achieve a responsible-to-life generation, our school designs the programs to:

  1. Give students the ability to think critically towards every piece of information they receive.
  2. Assist students to acquire a structured thinking pattern to be able to solve problem in their next stage of life.
  3. Help students to have multi perspective thinking skill to face globalization smartly.
  4. Guide students to take responsibility on every decision they make.

In addition, in order to accomplish this objective of implementing responsible-to-life ethos, we believe that we should get into the habit of certain ways of thinking and behavior. There are nine major characters which are inherent in responsible-to-life attitude that we want to develop in our school.

  1. Aware: the ability to process stimulus based on KNOWLEDGE, EXPERIENCE, and INTUITION to produce a positive response.
  2. Committed: the wholeheartedly dedication to his work to achieve the best and high standard results and continue to grow.
  3. Risk-taking: the ability to make decision and accept the consequences of those decisions.
  4. Mature: the ability to respond to the environment with appropriate behavior.
  5. Autonomous: the ability to do things independently.
  6. Controlled personality: the ability to direct self behavior according to what is desired/planned and have power over something.
  7. Dependable: the ability to be trusted and relied upon by others.
  8. Sociable: the ability to act and communicate pleasantly by being aware and respect others’ feelings.
  9. Sustainable: the ability to survive in any situation and think about alternative solution to a problem.

Concisely, Kinderfield is dedicated to give the best education academically and morally by underlining responsible-to-life culture so that children are well prepared in facing the real world and the future. We genuinely hope that children can grow and learn to become responsible-to-life individuals who are accountable and capable of making rational and moral decisions in his life, the ones who are able to be trusted and make meaningful contribution to others.

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