Students' Profiles

1. Independent Learner

The students take full responsibility for their own learning by seeks out ways to explore, and find ways to access additional lesson supplements on their own. The students are driven by their own personal achievements and apply self-discipline in not finding the easy answer to a problem.

2. Critical Thinker

The students are active and open to new ideas and perspectives. The students are able to make decisions that are the best for them and the people around them by taking many things into consideration in relation to their decisions. The students examine all possibilities and come up with multiple solutions.

3. Communicator

The students are able to understand and express knowledge, thoughts, and feelings about themselves and others confidently through variety approaches of communication.

4. Caring Individual

The students show respect and compassion towards the needs of others and have a sense of personal commitment to helping others.

head office

Jl. Prof. DR. Soepomo No.11A Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia. 12810

phone: (+62 21) 830 3209 / 9828 4968

fax: (+62 21) 8378 5529

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